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    Most of us like to make our homes look beautiful and immaculate. Working to make our home attractive is a goal many of us have. We often decorate our home interior, but outside? On that basis, Garden designing plays an important role in decorating our house exterior.


    Landscape gardening or garden design is an art that makes people feel happy and comfortable. The great looking garden is admired by everyone. It creates a nice feeling when visitors or guests enter your house.


    Gardening can be a much loved past time. One that helps you to de-stress and relax.


    If you have never tackled designing your garden before, then the tips below will guide you with beautiful designs for all you garden design beginners.

    9 Tips for Garden Design:

    Before you begin to design your garden, have a glance at these Landscape design tips:

    1. Select your area:

    Selecting your area is the most important thing to start with.

    Not everything grows in your standard soil. So it's important that you test your soil or get clarification from a well known professional gardener regarding the type of soil in your garden.


    Look at the characteristics of your garden area from a climate point of view. How is your garden area's sun exposure? Which places seem to collect most of the rain?

    2. Sketch out your garden design:

    Decide whether to maintain a cottage style design or something else.

    Then choose the style of your garden. Sketch out your ideas on paper again and again so that you may get many options to choose from.

    Avoid designing beds with curves and angles.

    3. Select plants:

    Select the types of plants that you wish to grow that meet your soil type. First, try planting easy growing plants like short-term plants or ferns.

    Choose plants of different heights to avoid monotony. Use some evergreen and ornamental grasses to keep your garden look more beautiful. Use daisy types of flowering plants.

    4. Select flowers:

    Once you have decided on your flower beds then put your research onto the different flower combinations. Consider the focal points, flower sizes, colour combinations and also their blooming periods.

    Always choose perennials that bloom in seasons like early spring, late spring, summer, and early autumn.

    5. Plant in odd multiples:

    Use odd multiples like 1’s, 3’s, 5’s, 7’s etc for planting. Leave spaces in their locations according to the size of the plant. Repeat the same grouping of plants more than once to create a unified design. This is most suitable for large plantings. Use a variety of plants to give a creative look.

    6. Don’t overcrowd:

    Planting varieties of plants in masses can give a great look. It doesn’t mean overcrowding. Too many plants crowded in one corner will not look good. Leave room between each variety of plant so that it can absorb enough water.

    7. Plans for future:

    Keep records of all plants including planting date, plant variety, their blooming periods so that it will be helpful when adding additional plants in the future.

    8. Keep up the good work:

    It is not hard to maintain a garden. Water the plants frequently and add the odd application of insecticide, pesticide or weeds to maintain your plants health. Check on the plants everyday to ensure their growth and health.

    9. Sun-loving garden design:

    Last but not least, the garden design that you make should be one that gets lots of sun. That is, the plants should be exposed to sunlight to their growth.

    Remember these points when designing your garden and we hope that this will be helpful for you.

    If you have any queries or suggestions please leave us your feedback in the comment section.

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